A new “acronym” for general use….

February 10th, 2005 by xformed

Many times I have talked to or read stuff written by people who fall into the “Yeah? And what about BUSH-HITLER?” when you comment on problems. Only complaints, never a plan, liberally laced with constant negativism.

I regularly think they just can’t see they also have the option to solve problems….

So…I have decided to come up an abbreviation to toss in their face:

“Shut Up, Suit Up, and Step Up!” is the long form. Shortened, it’s just “(SU)3.”

I put up a post last month speaking my piece on how I feel about the current lack of concern about the National Organization of Women.

I’d just love to see these complainers put their actions in line with their complaining, and to realize they can be agents of change.

Thoughts? I need no royalties, nor credit, but just the faith that will get a few of them thinking…..

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1 response about “A new “acronym” for general use….”

  1. Cao said:

    I don’t think you’ll be able to get them to think. That is why Marx and Engels favored ‘slogans’. As we’ve been seeing over time in the blogosphere, the age of reason for the American left is pretty much in the past, and they’ve successfully crossed over to hysterical and unhinged. When you try to give them facts, they respond with ad hominem. It is to the point where discussion is pointless.

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