When you quit referring to us as the “Great Satan”…

January 17th, 2005 by

It seems the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is upset that the terrorists in the new season of the Fox suspense show “24” are being stereotyped as Islamic. For the short notes on this, I found the article on Little Green Footballs in this post.

Somehow, and correct me if I’m wrong (particulaly in the post Bay of Bengal tsunami disaster days), but haven’t we regularly seen the American Flag burned by Palestians, Iraqis, Egyptian, Afgani, etc, etc, etc Muslims in the news over the last few years? I may have been hallucinating, but I also recall the burning of manequins labled George Bush by the same fervent crowds, while they shot rifles and pistols in the air, all of this while proclaiming Americans are completely evil. Toss in the lies about planting nuclear weapons in the sea floor to cause tidal waves, purposely planning 9/11, and a plethora of other completely out to lunch accusations with no foundation in fact by the same crowds….

I think we most certainly can remove references to Islamic terrorists, when some other group commits 51% of the terrorist attacks against Americans, and also when Al Jazerra stops “stereotyping” Americans as oppressors and imperialists.

Notice CAIR doesn’t say who should be the terrorsts, just they shouldn’t be represented by those who are actually committing most every terrorist act in the world in the last few years…..

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