Somehow we got doomed to live in interesting times….

November 8th, 2004 by

If you’ve never heard that line before, it’s an ancient Chinese curse to be told “May you live in interesting times.”

I’ll post two links that should send a shiver up your spine by their very implications. It’s not that someone has a difference of opinion, but that one side wantss hte other to be completely disallowed from their beliefs. Hello, McFly! This is the nation with the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights that other yearn to live under, until recently, when it seems some have come to work to remove it in the long run.

The long term implication is that the “popular” vote may well be used to turn this country into a theocratic state. Not tomorrow, or in 2008, but with persistance, down the road sometime this century (my guess, for what it’s worth). Once enough Muslims, which I use here because it is the fastest growing religion (in terms of numbers of converts) in both the World, and here in the United States. Not hard to figure out once you have enough of a “directed” block vote, as they preach in the mosques popping up all over, then it’s off to the polls and the institution of Sharia Law, and other cultural changes associated with the Islamic faith become the law of the land.

Here goes, read them for yourselves and be forewarned of the coming wave of change, assisted by misguided youth, as well as puposeful adults:

Some college students, who happen to be Republicans, held a rally at San Francisco State University. Here’s what happened to them.

At least 45,000 Muslims have signed a petition, demanding removal of the book “Prophet of Doom” from public circulation. Let me pose a rheotrical question: When was the last time you saw documented evidence of a Christian, Catholic, or Jewish group (You know, those evil people) trying to censor any magazine, or book, or movie by demanding it’s complete removal from any viewing by private citizens? This conjures up images of only being one step from book burnings in Nazi Germany, doesn’t it? That being the case, why is President Bush, an unashamed Christian, compared to Hitler on a regular basis around the world, while Muslims are lifted up as some loving religion?

Leaving the States, and the protection of a written set of basic rules for our society, we next take a virtual flight to the Netherlands, where Theo van Gogh was brutally murdered and a note explaining the reason he was killed was left “attached” to his body with a knife. You guesed it, he exposed the mis-treatment of women in the Islamic faith. Plenty of reason to die: Exposing the truth.

This entire story gets better: Talk about intolerance!. No wonder there are those who want the Ten Commandments removed, then they can have those arrested for stating natural law (see “Mere Christianity,” C.S. Lewis, for a solid discussion of what natural law is).

Oh, and now it’s got legs! Here’s some “counterbattery” as a result. This certainly will evoke a respose in return. The term “escalation” comes to mind.

From here, it sure looks like this mess is headed for that place of “out of control” and that means innocents and beligerants both end up suffering.

I’m at a loss as how to wrap this up, which is probably why I’m not a writer by profession, but just someone with an opinion. Maybe it’s time to read Habakuk again, then take my place on the wall….

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