And the Survey Says…

April 29th, 2009 by xformed

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It’s been a bit of a haul, and it’s definitely been the result of a large community helping to send traffic my way.

Fitting the hit came from Edinburgh, Scotland, and from the really, really large website, gCaptain’s blog Touch the Top of the World psp Highlander . Got my “SWO sweater” from there, thanks to the HC-6 Helo Det OIC buying some Royal Navy ones, made from real wool, from the RN guys at the base in Roysyth, while on the trip to the North Atlantic for Silver Jubilee.

The price was a huge $14…and only a few of us too the OIC up on it, and when he got stateside a few weeks later, and sold them to his squadron mates for $50.

Stil have the non-USN SWO Sweater in the closet. Never had the velcro patch for the nametag, but, I had mine before the USN decided the SWOs could have something special, which they then took away and made them Navy wide. I wore it many a cold night on the bridge watches, and in CICs on several ships as well, since the equipment had to stay chilled in there…to heck with human comfort! And then there was the time the MCPON decided we had to wear your collar tips out because an SA complained to him about how the tips in irritated his neck….

So, here I am at at least a significant milestone for to show for doing this across three blogging platforms and over 1200 posts.

I’m grateful for all the incoming links and thankful for all the wonderful people I’ve come to know in real life and virtually.

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