Movie Review: “Unthinkable”

July 26th, 2010 by xformed

If you’re a fan of “24,” then “Unthinkable” is for you.  I picked it up on Friday, not having paid attention to what it was about.  It was a good blind choice.

I’ll not say much of the details.  Samuel L. Jackson played his role masterfully.  The supporting actress, Carrie-Anne Moss, in the role as an FBI agent did a fantastic job, too.

It’s a thinker.  Be ready to wrestle with significant questions from start to finish.  I’m going to pray no one ever has to face a reality posed in the movie, which is exceptionally plausible at every turn of events.

I felt the balance of the opinions of how the circumstances should be handled never got to a point of preaching to the audience, but manifested a real struggle to walk a knife edge in decision making under onerous circumstances, with the real possibility of the people in the pretend scenes, if they were real government personnel, may well be dragged before the world as having done unthinkable things.

“Unthinkable” has the same quality I found in “Crimson Tide,” where both the CO and XO on the sub were right, and yet they still were on opposite ends of how to handle the circumstances.

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