More Stuff for Retiring Sailors

August 28th, 2006 by xformed

Some time back, I found suitable, affordable substitute vehicles to keep the feeling alive for retired sailors.

In this post, there was jet boots (to go with a wing suit) for Capt Neptunus Lex. All he would need was a hot air ballon to get the altitude, and then he’s off to the sound of twin jet engines pushing about the sky.

Chapomatic has a few years to go yet, before he’s on the public dole, but since used nuclear subs require too many friends to take out for a sea cruise (not to mention where will you get the fuel), but he can get one of these for a lot less. Subsunk is already off the books and operating independantly, so, even tho it may be late to get it wrapped for his retirment, I’m sure he’d not turn it down.

Now, an appropriate gift for (I’m assuming he’s a gator sailor) Commander Salamander: The “Quad Ski:”

Quad Ski

Gibbs Technology Quad Ski

Being a two person vehicle, it may constrain your social interaction, and if that’s the case, then I invite your further attention to the “Humdinga:”


Gibbs Technology Humdinga

Now, this would be more suitable for someone like Froggy, so he and his well musculed friends could take a run for an afternoon jaunt (or….a moonless night run). Any Marine would most likely feel comfortable in this, if they had ever survived a ride to the beach in an LVT. I’m sure the M2 is an option, and the Class III license you’d have to obtain on your own.

If Uncle Jimbo or Black Five get the urge to revisit their old special ops days, they might want to pitch in with one of the professional mariners or soldiers of the sea, just to keep the union bosses off their backs…

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