“Home” @ Work: USS MILWAUKEE (AOR-2) Out Replenishing

May 1st, 2010 by xformed

As in “Always Out Replenishing” (AOR). This video was taken in Apr 93, but….it was my life for 2 years…just 16 years before that.

In any case, excellent close ups of the actual stations where “Diesel Fuel, Marine” (DFM), NATO Code F-76, was transferred, as well as the antics crews sometimes went to for a fun while alongside.

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10 responses about ““Home” @ Work: USS MILWAUKEE (AOR-2) Out Replenishing”

  1. Donna Jackson said:

    Its always the good times that we remember. Hard work and all that is just part of the job and being part of a team makes even that so much easier. Good video for the archives 🙂

    Donna Jackson,
    (See my blog at diyskintagremoval.com)

  2. Brother Beno said:

    As a Storyteller that was pointed to your site I enjoyed the info on stuff that happened on ships for background to a story I am thinking of doing and one I have now. It puts a different twist to the stern things I have been told and seen.

    Brother Beno, Storyteller
    BenoStories.com & FairyTaleStoriesBlog.com

  3. Steven Fitzgerald said:

    Just stumbled across this video. Brings back old memories. I was the Staion to Station phone talker during this replenshment. Thank you for the post.

  4. Political View said:

    Political View…

    […]“Home” @ Work: USS MILWAUKEE (AOR-2) Out Replenishing – Chaotic Synaptic Activity – It's not random, it's CHAOS![…]…

  5. Ed Maraist said:

    Thanks for the post. I was one of the H-46 pilots on board at the time.

  6. Matt Bruemmer said:

    I can remember that day. I had some video but was lost in a move. Wish i had it from the other side. Ed I was you fuler on the flight desk at that time. It was great to see that video thanks for up loading it.

  7. Dewey Lynn said:

    Brings back so many memories. Was on Her from 82-86

  8. W Stuart McRae said:

    Thanks for posting….great memories!! She looks real good too…..’71-’75

  9. Gary Munson said:

    I was onboard the same time as Dewey Lynn….Lots of UNREP memories….

  10. Terry Shuerger said:

    I was on your sister ship the Savannah AOR4, in 1976-79. Brings back some old memories.

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