‘Nuff Said About the Surrender Monkeys in Congress

April 21st, 2007 by xformed

Here’s at least a 1000 word essay in compacted form:

Democrats Raising the White Flag

By: Chip Bok
Maybe the best part of this alternative future is the Dems won’t have to take expensive junkets to a far off bit of real estate, stained with the blood of a volunteer force. They are doing the raising right on Capitol Hill. The many advantages include:

  • You can stop at the memorial and then be in your office in 2 minutes
  • You don’t have to suffer the disapproving stares of the military crews of the transportation command, while you jet half way around the world
  • You won’t have to hike about in 130 degree heat to get there and smile while sweating rivers
  • You won’t have to look the people in the eyes who’s families were slaughtered when the US military pulls out too early (you may still have to face the families of the dead and wounded service members on the way to your office daily)
  • The money saved by not traveling can be used in the welfare system to buy more votes, because you can reduce the travel budget for DoD
  • When Shar’ia Law becomes the law of the land, you’ll be worshiped as Heroes of the Caliphate

How convenient!

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