Just Where Are “We” Going?

March 14th, 2007 by xformed

Stream of conscious moment….

Imagine a world where any military member of the US Armed Forces should not have any thoughts of comments on “moral” matters.

So the Democrats and gay groups run General Pace over the coals for hurting their feeling about having sex. Some connected thoughts:

  • General Pace also said adultery is immoral behavior. I didn’t see any press releases from adultery advocacy groups, berating the most senior officer of the Nation and demanding an apology. What’s up with that?
  • General Pace sated nothing more than is codified in US Code and Executive Orders. Now, because it “offends” those who somehow think they have a right to do whatever they want, then demand the rest of us actually “accept” the whatever. So, sounds like we don’t want to follow the law anymore, because it hurts feelings. Wow, this line of thought has some real legs, doesn’t it?
  • I’m confused. The “world” seemed upset when Iraqi men had to parade around naked, and possibly there was some inappropriate use of chem lights one night at Abu Gharib prison. Weren’t the US Army, the military in general and the President raked over the coals for months on end for such immoral behavior? It certainly wouldn’t have been an issue if the soldiers, in their boredom, had exercised some critical thinking skills that night, all centered on whether it was moral or immoral to carry out their photographed behavior.
  • How about that little “incident” at Haditha? More hollering and conviction on the World’s stage of the media, as well as from the mouth of a Congressman, regarding the what has been called immoral behavior (even before the legal system has the through review allowed those military personnel charged) of the Marine patrol.

It sure seems the Democrats and their trained attack dogs in the media can try to force the military to keep from making moral decisions, yet, they don’t understand it is the moral judgment of men and women wearing the uniform on a moment to moment basis that keeps them safe, and prevents far worse things from happening.

On the other hand, maybe the intent is to categorize the areas in which military members are supposed to have or not have morals. This will lend itself to allowing “protected groups,” be they CAIR or homosexuals, or environmentalists, etc, etc, to dictate when there should be no passing of moral judgment. This, on top of helping feeling not to be hurt would also spawn economic growth, as “consulting firms” would rise to the challenge to provide seminars and training for those in uniform.

Maybe “they” just want no judgment about sexual related issues. Ok, get ready for good times rock and roll and don’t “you” dare complain when public officials are caught “in the act” during working hours, for….with that implied issue might come “morality.” Back to my oft used quote: “Be careful when you set a precedent, for you never know when you will have to live by it yourself.”

You either want the military with a moral compass, or have them throw it to the wind and then get what you asked for. The good part, is the ingrained foundational standards are what will keep a military from collapsing on itself into a bunch of ambivalent individuals, who are paralyzed into inaction by the voices who have no clue of the protection they receive from the very exercise of moral decision making.

Quite honestly, it’s becoming sickening to me that no one stands up and explains the statement is nothing more than what Federal statues and regulations already require.

If you don’t like it, gather many billions of dollars and get yourself elected, then try to bend the will of the people of the United States. It’s your right, it’s your option, and in this great land, if you are a native American, over 35, it can be yours, regardless of your background. If enough follow you, then you, too, can take a shot at actually doing something, rather than sitting back and sniping at those who have been placed in office to be in charge of such matters.


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